Final Project Post


My project is a back pack that is able to charge the users mobile device. Using inductive charging and solar energy, the users phone doesn’t need any wires in order to charge – neither does the bag. The wireless charging is powered through a solar panel so the users phone will charge as soon as it’s put into the pocket. The bag was also put together using weather resistant fabric to keep valuables safe from the elements.

Overall, I would say that I’m pleased at how the project turned out. The pattern making for the bag was essential to getting the technology to work well. I did my best to incorporate the execution of the bag and to make it aesthetically pleasing.

I believe I followed the game plan from my original idea perfectly. I stuck to the game plan throughout the whole semester. I wanted a bag/purse that could charge a phone with no wires and I executed on purchasing the right technology. I did a great job on finishing the product.

The biggest hurdle I had was making the pocket for the phone function-able for the way the bag was being put together. I need to find a way to fit the technology in the space I gave myself on the backpack. In order to get over this hurdle I had to re-draft certain patterns on the bag.

Next, I will be furthering the idea of this project. That includes making the technology smaller and making the bag with other materials. I will also be looking to get this done in other items like purses or clutches. Maybe I’ll even get this technology to work in more wearable garments like jackets or coats.

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