Project Post #3

General Info

  1. My project is a training shoe that has both electrical and glow in the dark components that allow for improved visibility at night.
  2. My project is primarily designed for people who are walking/jogging in poorly lit areas when it is dark outside.
  3. Someone would use the developed technology by two different processes. The first involves allowing the product to charge in sunlight/ regular light for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to use to activate the LunaBrite technology. The other means of using the developed technology would involve putting the shoe on, which will activate a switch to trigger the LEDS. This way, the Lunabrite will only visibly glow in dark areas, and the LEDS will only be activated when the shoe is on the foot.
  4. My project is different from existing products in many ways. First, it incorporates both an electrical component with a more passive component. Most athletic shoes only come with a passive component, which is only reflectorized fabric, whereas my passive component has a visible glow. My shoes will not require charging by USB like some on the market do. Other options on the market for similar products include LED shoe laces or orbs to put on the shoe, however, mine is integrated into the shoe. If I cut out these mesh areas, I could then sew triangles of Lunabrite in these gaps.



Updated Timeline

(New game plan- more hacking and less cutting up/reforming. After spending some quality time with my shoes this morning trying to decide a pattern for the lunabrite, I decided it is entirely possible to create the product I want without separating the sole from the top part of the shoe. My new plan is to take a pair of shoes, remove the insole and insert a soft switch under it. I can then make incisions with an exacto knife into the soft foam layer underneath the insole and run small wires back to the heel of the shoe, where I will cut into the rubber sole and incorporate LEDS. (still figuring out the best way to get the LEDS where I want them) This will allow me to directly connect to the LEDS. I will insert a coin cell battery on the medial aspect of the shoe below the ankle. To complete my circuit by connecting to the battery, I will use conductive thread in order to avoid the rubbing a small wire could create. My shoes currently have triangle shaped patterns of mesh in the outside layer. I will cut this part out, leaving the triangles, and sew Lunabrite fabric into these spaces. I will also add Lunabrite trim to the top of the shoe. I think this updated process will allow me to focus more on getting the look I want and will give me the time to ensure the switch/ LEDS are done securely and functionally.


March 16th– have a functional switch, chose battery, plan how to sew in battery

March 23rd– have LEDS and switch working

April 6th– have outer pattern cut and ready for lunabrite

April 13th– have outer Lunabrite installed

April 20th– add Lunabrite trim


Materials List (updated project plan)

Nike Free Tr-

-Offered $20 to buy it now

(backup use old pair of own or have watch listed another pair)

Lunabrite Trim & fabric

-in contact with company for specialized sample kit

Adafruit Sequin LEDS

- ordered 4 packs @ $3.95 each

Battery (2 coin cells)

Conductive thread/wire

Shoe glue/some kind of clear resin (to seal in wires/LEDS)

Conductive fabric (do we still have some from our demo or should I buy this?)

Insulating fabric (switch component)