Project post 3



  • My project incorporates vibration and heat into a wearable device. It is made to promote muscle recovery and help warm up muscles.
  • It is made for people who work out a lot and don’t want to have to worry about the consequences of overtraining. Also made for students or athletes who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on what is currently out there for recovery.
  • To use my wearable, you simply strap it onto your leg with the Velcro straps. Then you touch the controls on the front of the sleeve to decide what mode you would like to use for your vibration and heating. One cycle will be about 5-10 minutes. Repeat as needed.
  • My project aims to be a lower price point than what is currently out there that is similar. There are lots of divices that promote muscel recovery but most of them cost hundreds or thousands of dollars so individual athletes don’t have access. Usually only professional teams or clinics are the ones that have these devices but mine will be made for the consumer to use on their own at home.



I have ordered 4 vibration motors. 2 different kinds to see what will work better for me. They only cost about 2-4 dollars each on ebay but after I ordered them I saw that they could take 3-4 weeks to deliver.




My timeline has changed based on the wait for the delivery of my vibration motors.

Instead of deciding on what motors to use in the beginning, I am going to construct my garment first and them incorporate the motors later.



3/23 constructed garment

4/6 have motor possibilities and start to experiment

4/13 have motors attached to garment

4/20 finalize garment