Project Post #5

This week I started to integrate the Lunabrite into my shoes and completed the switch component. The remaining tasks for my project include finishing with the Lunabrite, completing the circuit with the LEDS, battery, and resistor, and connecting these components to the switch, and working on aesthetics.

I encountered a few issues with the Lunabrite- the white Nike logo was showing through my Lunabrite and I also discovered that the glow sheets do not hold up to the wear and tear of physical activity very well. I colored over the logo in Sharpie to make it blend in with the shoe, which worked well. I am also primarily using glow ribbon instead of glow sheets, as the glow ribbon seems more durable. To further resolve this strength issue, I have decided to glue the Lunabrite to the outside of the shoe instead of trying to insert it in the outer layer. This way, it does not have to experience as much stress on one line of stitching or glue, which can lead to the glow sheets ripping, but instead spreads the stress over a greater area as the whole piece can be adhered to the shoe. The Gorilla glue does sometimes have splotches under the Lunabrite ribbon, but I think it goes well with the print on the shoes and was happy with this unplanned look.

I am also considering moving the location of my LEDS. I hadn’t considered the need for the shoes to look aesthetically pleasing both during the day and in the dark, but putting the Lunabrite on has helped me establish this need. Based on the line created with the Lunabrite, I think it may look better to put the LEDS on the dark strip that goes up the heel instead of on the sole of the shoe. I am still considering this though, as I also have Lunabrite ribbon I could use here instead, which was my initial plan.