Project post 8

This week I finalized my product, and decided to use a power supply for power since the batteries did not give enough power and were much more expensive. Finishing the construction of the device included sewing my neoprene, using adhesive inside to make it hold together better, and then hand sewing the last part once I inserted the vibration and heating module. I also finished the module by making the foam enclosure and soldering the wires to a plug that sticks out of the neoprene.

The main issues that I faced were getting everything organized and put together for the module while having it look and feel good. after that was done hand sewing became my challenge because that was a lot harder than I thought it would be and took me a while to do. I will continue to test it to make sure it holds together and works the way I want it to.

Moving forward the only thing I have to do is finalize my poster. I plan on checking out multiple different applications for doing this and seeing which one I like the best because I have never worked on illustrator before. I want to make sure that I have my pictures of the final project in the poster and I have to touch up the wording for my poster as well but the difficult part will be getting it to look the way I want it towithout any experience with making a poster before.