Project post #3

MIDI Armband: Project Post #3

Chris Hanko, Yewon Lee, Isaiah Scott


Item #1: High-Level Questions

1) What does your project do?

Our project is a MIDI armband that can be worn during live performance and interface directly with musical software like Ableton to create music on the spot, control lighting and more.

2) Who is your project for?

Our project is for live performers, music enthusiasts, experimental musicians, practicing artists, DJ’s, rappers, singers, and other musically-inclined people.

3) Describe how someone would use the developed device. What are the steps that a user would go through to interface with the technology?

The armband would need to be programmed first, say with Ableton and the buttons would be mapped to certain sounds. The armband could then be alternatively programmed so that when the inputs are switched, a new set of sounds could be produced. The user would make sure the device was connected to the interface via Bluetooth so that it can be used during their practice or live performance. The user can then use the device as a keyboard, drum machine, DJ hype man and many more.

4) What makes your project different from existing products?

Our project is unique for a number of reasons. The first way it is unique is its maximized versatility due to its form of an armband rather than a jacket or gloves, which allows users to operate it with minimal interference. Compared to many conventional drum sets, our armband is completely wireless and connected via Bluetooth to allow the user to have freedom from the machine or computer interface. Our device is also hands-free when compared to the MiMu gloves or the MIDI jacket, which allows the user to play instruments without any cloth interference.




Item #2: Materials List


  Price Quantity Link
Teensy board $14.38 1


$4.95 each (square shape)
$6.95 each (round shape)

Copper paper (soft switch) $11.21/ 12” x 30” sheet 1
Velcro $5.81/yard 1–By-the-Yard_p_443.html?redirect=1
Fabric (thinking about neoprene) $11.20 1
Accelerometer $7.95 1
Bluetooth chips $19.95 1
Bluetooth receiver $10.95 1
Total ~$93.35






Item #3: Updated timeline


12 – 18: Order electronic components and begin design of physical layout

19 – 25: Continue design of physical layout, order non-electrical parts (fabrics)

26 – 1: Receive electronic components and create functional breadboard prototype



2 – 8: Finish breadboard prototype with full MIDI & Bluetooth functionality, begin

construction of the final garment

9 – 15: Continue construction of the final garment, debugging

16 – 22: Finish construction of the final garment and begin a poster

23 – 29: Finish poster and prepare garment for exhibition