Project Post #2


  • old shoes
  • sequin LEDS
  • conductive wire/thread
  • glue
  • old light up shoes
  • lunabrite
  • cloth for reconstructed shoe
  • some form of small battery
  • conductive material for soft switch
  • potentially new insoles

Timeline- (dates are Fridays with the intension of these being done before class the following Monday)

  • March 9th- all extra shoes 100% destructed. Order LEDS, pick a battery and plan soft switch and order as needed
  • March 16th- cut into soles and plan LED incorporation, make soft switch, strip ebay shoes once they come in (expected wednesday)
  • March 23rd- have bottom part of shoe done and working with LEDS and sole
  • April 2nd- start again
  • April 6th- lunabrite layer 1 and liner to sole
  • April 13th- have outer layer laser cut
  • April 20th- attach outer layer to sole + inner layer and add lunabrite trim