Project Post #4

The slightly used pair of shoes I ordered off of eBay to hack for my project came in this week. Since I have completely turned to hacking a shoe rather than creating my own/ using my own print for the outside, I decided it was worth getting a pattern I really liked for my project. I plan on using some of my sample sheets of Lunabrite on the outside, but am still waiting for an invoice from the company to get the rest of my materials from them. I plan to cut triangles in the exterior layer of my shoes and incorporate panels of turquoise and green Lunabrite as well as adding in Lunabrite trim. I plan on either sewing in the Lunabrite or using Gorilla glue (just ordered some).

This week in class I prototyped a soft switch that activates with every step, experimented with battery placement, and figured out how to get my LEDs working in a circuit. It does take careful placement to get the switch to only activate when stepping, so I’ll have to be careful with this in my actual product.

For the upcoming week, I plan on starting work on my actual shoes. I intend on starting with the soft switches in each shoe, then working outward in the circuit from there. I will not be able to put in time outside of class this week, but can work on incorporating the turquoise Lunabrite (green hasn’t come in yet) or finishing the circuit over break to stay on pace.