Project Post #6

Last week in class, I was able to complete my passive lighting component: all my Lunabrite is on the shoe. My remaining tasks are to connect the LEDS and circuit and to include reflectors on the shoe/shoelaces.

On Monday, I plan to complete the electrical components. My switch is completed and glued to the shoe sole, it just needs to be connected to a battery, LEDS, and a resistor. I will use conductive thread to connect the components and glue as an additional layer of strength to keep the LEDS on the shoe. I know my LEDS need to be connected in parallel but could still potentially run into a few minor issues with this today. For a resistor, I am unsure if we have different sizes, but in the event we do, I do not know what size I would need. 

I plan to spend Wednesday experimenting with reflective material and putting some on my shoelaces. If necessary, I can also finish up anything electrical from Monday as well. This timeline will give me an extra week in the event anything goes wrong electrically, and also will give me time to work on my poster.