Final Project Post


April 29th, 2018 at the Fashion Show Showcase

You can download the poster at Chung Poster Final v.2 !!

Describe what your project does and how it works (Min. one Paragraph)

The goal of this project is to create a continuous body temperature monitor for cows that is cheap, portable, and wireless. There are tree major components to this project: one contact temperature sensor and two LoRa (Long Range) wireless communication microcontroller (MCU). Simply, the contact sensor will measure the temperature of the neck area of the cows, the measurement will then transmitted from one LoRa MCU that is with the temperature sensor to the other LoRa sensor that is connected to a computer, then producers/users will be able to monitor the temperature of cows from the computer screen.

Describe your overall feelings on your project. Are you pleased, disappointed, etc.? (Min. one Paragraph)

I am pleased with my project to a certain degree. When making a product, it is critical to trial and error. Although I have tested my electronic components individually, I am disappointed that I couldn’t test it on cows and see how it works and make adjustments from there during the semester. But I will be working on this project past this semester so I, hopefully, will have a complete and validated product in the future that is cow tested.

Describe how well did your project meet your original project description and goals.  (Min. one Paragraph)

    I think I have fulfilled all the expectations that I had except for the testing. I thought I could get an access to the Dairy Cattle Center (DCC) right on the campus but I couldn’t. But nonetheless, I really like the design. I was completely lost at the beginning of the semester as for what it will look like at the end. I am especially pleased with the 3D printed parts for this project. I haven’t used 3D printing and CAD software for a long time. But this projects gave me more confidence in hand-on fabrication. 

Describe the largest hurdles you encountered.  How did you overcome these challenges?  (Min. one Paragraph)

My largest hurdle so far comes from the design aspect. I had trouble trying to make it as small and compact as it is right now. The current casing design is my fourth design. My product currently is a mere prototype. All the functionality works. However, the accuracy of the system still remains invalidated. In the future, I could see that I will have trouble with the sensor insulation and battery consumption. The temperature sensor measures. But, to make it only measure the skin temperature and nothing else will be a challenge. 

Describe what would you do next if you had more time  (Min. one Paragraph)

If I had more time. I would like to test it on cows and see how it reads the temperature and how cows feel about it, whether they are comfortable or not. Then from the result, I should be able to calibrate the sensor to represent the core body temperature of cows. However, doing this will require multiple testing session to get an accurate correlation between the skin and core body temperature of cows.