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Prototype iterations


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Final Prototype & Display


Project Description

The final output yielded two devices that communicated light and color data via wifi. Each device was identical containing a light and color sensor, micro controller, battery and RGB Neo Pixel. The light and color data from each device was visible on the other. Device #1 would collect data to display on device #2 and in return the color and light data on device #2 was visible on device #1. Because the communication was via wifi, these devices could be positioned anywhere in the world as long as in reach of wifi to communicate to one another.


Personal Feelings 

I see this project as a prototype to larger concepts of exploration and I am very excited with the final product made in class. Coding has always been a barrier to starting this type of project and this class helped me break through and provide foundations to be more comfortable continuing a technology project and problem solving in the future. Design techniques of 3D printing, laser cutting, mold making and glass blowing were also used in the construction of the device. While these methods are not new to me, this project has and will continue to challenge me to fit all diverse parts together.


Original Project Goals

My original project goal was to create a visual output and data visualization on the web. I quickly realized my initial idea involved a variety of different technology languages and networks which was a challenge to accomplish all. As a result the final project is a step in the right direction, completing the coding on Arduino first and then transferring that code to the Particle Photon. I chose to keep the visualization on the device itself by adding a RGB Neo Pixel. Now that this first step has been completed I feel comfortable to move on to connecting this data to a web platform.



Every step of this project felt like a challenge! I would say the largest challenges were 1, Coding  2, Transferring the code from Arduino to the Particle Photon and 3, integration into the final device. There were successes that didn’t transfer as the project evolved; for example on the Arduino code there was a function to gesture swipe to collect data, as the project moved to the Particle Photon this function was not working properly and I ran out of time to problem solve the issue and had to remove it from the final device. As the device construction began I quickly realized this gesture swipe did not function under the glass casing due to the fracture of light. A lot of time was spent evaluating and understanding some of these failures and issues that are not present in the final device.


More time

We’d all love an extra day or week to evolve our projects! If I had more time is not a huge concern to me as this is a project I intend to continue to evolve into my own studio practice. Moving forward my initial steps are to 1, redesign the device and container both for wearable application and non wearable and 2, connect the data to a web browser to see the color on a screen which could be projected or sourced without having to have a device to view. I’m completely satisfied where where I ended for a final project and feel the end result is a solid foundation to continue with version 2.0!